Pilates Retreat: Day 2 (Earthquake)

What I did today:

  • 6:30AM:     Woke up and went for a lovely jog along the lake
  • 8:00AM:     Did Pilates (the 2 hours flew by again…blessedly)
  • 10:00AM:   Ate delicious Turkish-style breakfast of homemade yoghurt, walnuts, fruit and honey; fresh bread with homemade jam; and creamy cheeses, olives, cucumbers and tomatoes. Large Turkish coffee to finish it off. Lip-smackin’ good. (You can tell what is taking over my focus here. And it ain’t Pilates.)
  • 11:00AM:   Lounged and napped poolside (weather is brilliant, clear blue skies, sun, sun and more sun). Tough life.
  • 3:00PM:   Retreated indoors to prepare physically (food) and mentally (coffee) for the 5PM Pilates Session.
  • 3:30PM:   Missed an EARTHQUAKE!!

This will make my husband feel much better. And assure him that I do not purposefully ignore him when I am reading or watching TV. Honestly? I am absolutely oblivious. And this proves it.

I un-purposefully ignored a 6.1 earthquake.

I wish I were kidding.

But I am not.

AN EARTHQUAKE! Probably I shouldn’t write this. My family will freak out, no doubt. As I would have IF I HAD FELT A THING!

Even worse? Apparently it lasted for MINUTES. Not Seconds. MINUTES. Like 7 or something. And the tremors were STRONG. And NO ONE ELSE MISSED IT. Not even my fellow Pilates student who was SLEEPING IN HER ROOM.

Which begs the question: WHERE WAS I and WHAT THE HELL WAS I DOING???!!!

I was either blogging or washing off some of the chlorine from the pool. In either case, neither were of such an intense nature to overshadow an earthquake! I should have felt a 6.1 EARTHQUAKE!

Disturbing on oh so many levels.

I think I will close there. Anything blogg-able pales by comparison.

I missed an earthquake.

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