Pilates Retreat: Day 7 (The End)

Well, it’s Friday and the last day of the retreat. Tomorrow I will pack my bags and leave this Pilates haven. It has been a fabulous week, but I am ready to get home to my boys (grown and working-on-grown) and the Beast from the East (who apparently has boycotted running since I have been gone…a tad frustrating for my husband who has been schlepping his butt out of bed at 5AM in the morning to ensure the dog got enough exercise while I, her dedicated trainer, have been gone).

Today we were back to our normal routine. I had my morning run – much easier after a day off, although I had to pass not one but two roosters who I swear eyed me contemplatively as I passed, probably thinking “hmmm, shall we let her by or shall we give her the scare of a lifetime?” Fortunately, I passed unscathed. Just one more morning to make it past the taloned guards and I’ll be home free (hopefully not famous last words).

The weather has been hot and sunny all week…or rather, hotter and sunnier, as each day has been successively oven-like. Today I took my nap indoors because even the shade didn’t provide much respite. Of course, I ended up trading in my nap for blogging, etc. since I won’t have much laptop time tomorrow, between flying and reuniting with my guys (and girl).

Anyway, I am counting on caffeine to get me through the evening Pilates session (a lot of caffeine, in fact…my instructor has promised that our training agenda will include holding plank position for two minutes, followed by some seriously evil thread-the-needle moves done in full side plank…torturous, I assure you).

After our session, we’re having a last Pilates group dinner here at the hotel. The dinner will be prepared by the tremendously fabulous Gul, the owner, and her mother. No restaurant here rivals their cooking. Yum, yum, and triple yum.

So, now a plug to this retreat. I would definitely do it again. The instructor, Rosa, holds retreats in Greece, as well. I came here, obviously, because it was close, gave me exposure to another part of Turkey, and was affordable. Note that these are not 5-star, luxury retreats (thus, the affordable part). The accommodations are comfortable but simple. The hotel is small but warm and inviting. There is not a lot to do besides Pilates (Rosa is a great instructor) and pool lounging (one could get more active with the whole boat tour thing or hiring a car to check out the countryside around…even then, it’s pretty quiet here). You do a lot of reading, thinking, sleeping (and eating…despite which my tummy is flatter and sides less pudgy than when I came), in addition to the Pilates. Which was exactly what I wanted.

Even though this blog is for family and close friends, most of whom are stateside, I’ll add the Rosa’s website link:

To wrap it up: I am heading home with having gained a firmer tummy, a good knowledge base of Pilates, three lovely new friends, and a great tan. And maybe even some added height…

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