Pilates Retreat: P.S.

What is it with the young generation? They seem to have a technology chip implanted in their DNA. My iPhone that I was so concerned about? Apparently the negative photo look was not a sign that my iPhone was dying but, rather, the result of a triple click on the menu button or something like that. Frankly? Don’t ask me. It’s gobbledy-gook to my ears. My youngest son took one look at my iPhone and went all ‘oh, that’s “doubledy didity doo”, do you want me to fix it?’

Do birds fly?

So, my iPhone is “cured” and guess what? The pictures that I took with it turned out. So thought I would post a few for the sake of posterity.


The boardwalk along Lake Köyceğiz


Had to put this one in….Hydrangeas were everywhere, gorgeous (same for Oleander)


Pool at the hotel where many hours were whiled away…(mostly in sleep)


The turtle (eating my crab!)


İztuzu Beach on the Mediterranean, reached by our boat via the Dalyan channel (as it turns out…had no clue at the time since we were given no itinerary…)


Some of the local wildlife…didn’t get any pictures of roosters but, believe me, they were everywhere…tried to record the cacophony of crowing but it didn’t come through very well. Use your imaginations. ; )

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