Happy Valentine’s!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Depending on where you are, I may be a day late. However, it’s more fun to celebrate on a Friday, anyway (or, in our case, Saturday evening due to an early morning Booster Club shift at school Saturday morning to support the school basketball team…Go, Dolphins!).

While Valentine’s Day is decidedly less celebrated in Europe than the U.S., Valentine’s Day is alive and well in Turkey. Leaving the gym tonight, I was greeted by this:










Took me a moment (or two) to realize that it was probably a girlfriend who put all those hearts on the car (especially since the car was quite dirty…although in our domestic case, the dirty car would be mine).

Though, I appreciated that my first thought was that a boyfriend had cut out, written on and taped all those hearts on the car. (You didn’t think that was my car, didi you?). So thank you to all the moms (and dads) whose skills at raising romantic sons I have had and have the chance to enjoy so that I could have that thought, however (most likely) mistaken. I just hope that my future daughter-in-laws will be able to say the same.

The hearts were  inspiring. Also inspiring was the view Wednesday morning when hubby and I (and Zoya) went for an early morning run. Just had to share these images because the light – no matter how pathetically captured by my iPhone – was purrrfect.

IMG_2464 IMG_2466 IMG_2469 IMG_2472

Less perfect are my skills at building websites, so I will save your eyes and cut this short. The HTML code is unfathomable to me, so it’s time to hit the how-to-build-a-website manual some more.

I just hope that after all the effort, what they say is true:
If you build it, they will come.

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