Yoga Retreat: Day 5

On Friday, we went on a Gulet, a large, two-masted, wooden sailing boat.  We floated around the Mediterranean Sea, dropping anchor at different deep blue swimming holes to dip our bodies into the refreshing (i.e. cold) water. Our gulet trip did not only mean a day of lounging in the sun, enjoying the green and blue scenery around us, and sinking our protein-hungry teeth into fresh fish. It also meant a day free from yoga and writing. Which meant a day free from an early wake-up call. Which meant that many in the group took advantage of the chance to sleep in by extending their nocturnal activities. And increasing the amount of alcohol consumed.

(Unlike some yoga retreats, this one is well-stocked with liquids that pack more of a punch than the fiber in juice alone.)

Fortunately, the boat, being relatively stable, didn’t add to the green tint that many of us were sporting before we had even left port…thus the need to get rid of any excess baggage, if you get my drift (pardon the pun), was avoided. For the most part. 

The weather, though not as sunny as it could have been, was still nice. The boat was large, with plenty of cushy lounging spaces and a large dining area boasting long wooden tables and real plates, silverware and wine glasses.

The best part about the boat, though, were the toilets. TWO of them. With real doors. Doors that extended all the way from ceiling to floor. Toilets that were subtly placed at two opposite ends of the boat’s hull, affording plenty of privacy and a pretty good guarantee that they would be creepy-crawly-creature free.

In other words: pure luxury.

(Yes, I realized I am a bit fixated on the whole toilet thing.)

Even better? The sweet speedboats. I don’t mean speedboats that were nice. I mean speedboats carrying treats like ice cream and warm, freshly made pancakes with chocolate sauce, honey and banana, or lemon sugar. The ice cream boat was particularly popular. The Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ben & Jerry’s tubs sold out in record time.

(I did feel a bit sorry for the pancake boat which arrived after we had eaten our fill of freshly grilled fish and about 15 pounds of ice cream. Voracious eaters though we were, we had limits to our gluttony and, in the end, there was only one taker for a warm pancake served with lemon sugar.)

After the boat ride, we headed into the small seaside town of Gocek where half of us stayed in for dinner and merry-making and half of us headed back to Huzur Vadisi for rest and relaxation.

(You can guess in which group I was.)

When I headed to bed at 9PM – with my mosquito net securely tucked around my mattress to ensure that I had no visits from any family members of the golf ball sized spider I had found in our room earlier that morning – I did so with lofty business plans for replicating the sweet speedboat concept in the Swedish archipelago. What could be more perfect? 

(Well, maybe good weather, something that is never a given in Sweden, beautiful though it is.)

(Perhaps the reason why schnapps are so popular?)

I also went to bed with visions of my family – including our newly shorn dog whose disaster of a haircut, according to my husband, I had yet to see – dancing in my head and squeezing my heart.

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