Yoga Retreat: The Finale

Another brilliant night of sleep.

(You can tell by my generous use of the word ‘brilliant,’ my new favorite word, that I was hanging out with mostly Brits during the retreat…there were 2 Germans and 1 American (me)…well, also three Irish lads and lasses, but here I count them under the British umbrella in terms of expressions…I know, I know…forgive the ignorant American.)

I almost ignored my alarm clock when it told me to get up and go for a run, but, in the end, a final run in the quiet forest was too tempting. Plus, I wanted to pass for the last time the goats and sheep with their clanging bells around their neck and their serene herders who didn’t mind impromptu photo shoots.

Instead, I ran into a long, fuzzy snake.

And a turtle.

(I liked the turtle better.)

Despite the fact that I have been away from my family for X hours, minutes, seconds, I am not as homesick as I had feared when I signed up for my first ever 7 nights away. The lull of the nature around us and the comforting schedule of yoga, breakfast, writing, lunch, yoga, dinner have kept the yearning to hop on the next plane to Istanbul at bay.

As did the great group of individuals that I got to know better. Philippa gave us a bookmark and her business card as a parting gift (wouldn’t I love to use both). Ken, we gave a song and exchanged hugs. We ended the evening with wine and talk that winded down into good-byes from those of us departing at 6:30AM (!).

I never like to say good-bye and this was no exception. So, instead of focusing on the parting, I’ll end with pictures I took at the beginning.

Anyway, there is always next year.


Where we spent a lot of time engaging in our favorite activity of the week: eating!

Where we spent a lot of time engaging in our favorite activity of the week: eating!

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