Spring in my step…

…and almost a whole lot of water in my shoe – and everywhere else – because I almost ran straight into the Bosporus (again). This time it wasn’t texting that was to blame but, rather, making notes on my iPhone.

So, a word of warning: best to stop and note take rather than do it while running. Especially when there is a big body of water just next to you.

However, the water would have been a tad bit more inviting than in the past few months because spring has definitely kissed life into Istanbul and its botanical accessories.

(Not that it takes much here. Istanbul, even during winter, remains green and there is always a blossom to be found in some bed along the road or in the forest.)

The skies were cloudy when I set off on my run this morning, and those clouds gradually produced a light rain. However, despite the overcast skies, the flowers were shining brightly:



And this is just a paltry sample of the flowering delights to behold here. In fact, if you come to Istanbul in the spring, a must-see is Emirgan Park during the tulip festival.

(Did you know tulips actually originated in Turkey and were discovered by the Dutch, via Vienna? Read more here about the history of tulips: http://www.ehow.com/facts_5314830_history-tulip-flowers.html)

Another must-see, and this one is closer to the typical tourist path, is the Pera Palace Hotel. If you are in Taksim area and need a place to rest your feet, then go to the lounge area in the Pera Palace Hotel (close to the lovely Pera Museum) and enjoy a coffee or cup of tea (you can also order food).

I was there Thursday for a meeting. My first visit, but not my last. It felt as though I had stepped back into time, about 70 years…the decor, the music, and the impeccable, warm service.  The pictures aren’t great but they give you an idea.


Even though I would have been right at home in my little black dress and elbow-length gloves a la Audrey Hepburn…

(not that I have such little black dress and gloves)

…my jeans were equally fine. The tea was served in a silver pot, biscuits on the side, and at 3pm our hard-working brains (!) were given a respite when an old world gentleman shared his pianistic talents with us.

Fly me to the moon…





2 thoughts on “Spring in my step…

  1. Wow! Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing. Maybe you should wear a little life preserver ring around your waist when you run!!! Lol…it’s a Mother thing. Love you.

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