It’s a small world after all

Over the years it seems as if the world is becoming smaller. The unintentional crisscrossing of paths with friends or friends of friends has become almost commonplace. For us, the most typical meeting place is an airport, however, chance meetings have occurred in other bizarre locations…

…like running into close friends from Russia at London’s Legoland
…or seeing one of my first running buddies in a restaurant in Bangkok
…or, in 2010, bumping into our closest friends from Budapest (circa 1993) in a small café in an even smaller town in Sweden (turns out their summer place is just 5 minutes away from ours)
…or recently, in the locker room of a gym in Istanbul, making the acquaintance of a woman who turned out to be a friend of my friend and tennis partner in Russia
…and so on.

So the following should have come as no surprise.

But it did.


It’s evening and a dozen guys are lounging in their living area, one of 43 campus living areas across which the 1500 students attending the camp are scattered.  The teenagers are relaxing and making idle conversation.

Our son is one of the teens. Another boy asks him where he is from. Our son tells him that he’s American and Swedish but that he is living in Turkey.

The kid, as it turns out, is also living in Turkey.

Where in Turkey?


The boys start asking each other, “Do you know so-and-so?”

Despite there being 13+ million people living in Istanbul, despite that the boys are attending different schools, they do know some of the same kids.

Then the boy asks our son what region of Istanbul does he live?

Our son tells him the area.  He then tells the boy the name of our compound.

Take a wild guess where the kid lives.

Yep, you guessed it.

In the same compound.

Just three houses up from us.

There are 10 homes in our compound.

Do you want to guess how many homes there are in Istanbul?

It is a small world after all.

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