Let me introduce you

Hormones are an interesting thing. They have the power to turn a perfectly normal, rational, attentive, and humble human being into a hearing-impaired, all-knowing (it thinks) creature with the argumentative skills of Robert Kardashian.

Let me introduce you to the phenomenon Teenager.

I saw this video the other day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KQb3Mx2WMw. It explains to teens why they think they are fully-equipped adults but actually aren’t there quite yet due to the undeveloped portion of their brains that can identify future possible outcomes and calculate associated risks and consequences.

In an adult – especially a parent when it comes to the offspring – this is an extremely developed, highly sensitive area of the brain. Teenagers would call it overprotectiveness.

Case in point: One offspring I won’t name believes that a parent is being overlyprotective when he/she asks for the offspring’s destination and alternative telephone numbers of people accompanying the offspring to said destination (in the event offpsring doesn’t have his phone on, doesn’t hear it, loses the phone, or the phone isn’t charged, any of which, based on history, have a good probability of happening).

In a city of 13 million people.

Let me introduce you to a common emotion of a teenager’s parent: Exasperation.

Luckily, there are other emotions to offset Exasperation (etc.!): Love, Pride, Amazement, and a whole other host of positive emotions that are weak when written but pack the power of a tsunami sweeping the beaches of the heart and mind.

Let me introduce you to Parenthood.

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