Wine at the end of the tunnel

There’s nothing like a move to put a halt to one’s blogging (or any other non-back-breaking/physically/mentally draining pursuit). Or cooking, for that matter, which, while it can be enjoyable at times, it is a pain at other times…like now, when I need to serve up some kind of sustenance to the kids…sustenance that needs to consist of some kind of ingredients…ingredients that I, car-less and ignorant of surrounding area, need to somehow secure.

We are now at Day 12 in the move process. The kids have resigned themselves to meals that are microwaveable or can be poured into a bowl with milk. The dog has resigned herself to running in circles in the yard to get her morning exercise fix. But, the good news is, at the end of tonight, when I sit down to enjoy a very large glass of good Turkish red wine with my husband, we will be sitting in an almost-settled house.

There is furniture; kitchenware; cable (and our lifeline, Apple TV); internet (albeit just on one floor; getting signals throughout house continues to be a challenge given the massive concrete walls designed to be seismic-resistant); paintings on the wall; and even cabled stereo speakers.

I now know how to work the key code system (a very good thing to know if you lock yourself out of the house which I have now done three times), as well as the alarm system (though was a bit iffy when I somehow programmed the alarm while I was IN the house with nothing to help but obscure Turkish directions on the alarm box…yes, the alarm went off…no, security did not come running which was a good thing at the time but now I am not so sure).

Plus, I can now work the washing machine (also all in Turkish). That it stopped working for a WEEK (!) is now an almost distant nightmare, no matter that we had to truck loads of dirty clothes, sheets, and other personal effects that I would have preferred to not share with our local cleaner on the first week of our acquaintance.

There have also been an untold number of technicians in and out to repair, adjust and install this, that and the other (to the 10th power). Oh, and did I mention that I am pretty confident that I could put together an entire IKEA furniture set blindfold now, such was the extensive practice I had these past 12 days?

Finally, the dog has been groomed (way overdue) and we are even expecting dinner guests on Saturday (luckily very nice, relaxed people who will easily accept our less-than-gourmet meal of spaghetti and hot dogs, at least, I hope they will…we’ll just make sure we have lots of wine).

Now, that’s pretty settled I would say. All this and nary a box in sight.

See? There is an upside to being a hyper-intensive control freak.

Tension headaches aside.

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