Çok güzel

Çok güzel. That is what the weather is. Very beautiful.

(I mean early February AND near 60F! What’s not to like? I have realized that while a 4-season woman I remain, I do prefer the winter season to be bit subdued. After all, one can always travel to find snow and skiing.)

Çok güzel (pronounced – approximately – choke goozelle) has been added to our collection of favorite words and phrases.

Our collection includes…

  • Chus (actually I am not sure how this is spelled but it’s German for basically ‘bye’, right, Susanne?)
  • Stau (also German…sounds exactly as a traffic jam should…shtOWowowow)
  • jó / nem jó (good / not good in Hungarian…the ‘j’ is like a ‘y’ in ‘you’)

  • пробка (traffic jam in Russian – pronounced ‘probka’)
  • можное (‘mojna’ with a soft ‘j’…means ‘one can’ and you can use it before any infinitive you like to ask permission to do something…comes in very handy and a great way to avoid having to learn the impossible verb conjugations)

Actually, it’s more of a short list as I review it.

(I know I am missing quite a few and will undoubtedly remember them – punctuated by an expletive as the brain cells belatedly start to work – the moment I hit ‘publish’…but, what can you expect?…my brain never recovered from pregnancy).

In any case ‘çok güzel’ is at the top of it.

Çok güzel. Very beautiful.

Not so çok güzel is the slightly bulging disc in my spine.

Apparently caused by being jerked, twisted, and pulled across the pavement one too many times by an overly enthusiastic dog.

(I was very happy to hear it wasn’t caused by advancing age. Yet.)

On the plus side, the physiotherapy IS çok güzel. No exercises and hard, repetitive work for me. I get to lay down for forty minutes while a variety of machines massage, suck, vibrate, and heat my lower back.

(Yes, there is a machine that actually sucks the flesh. Sounds strange, but it feels oh so good.)

(People, please, elevate your minds, once again…this is family blog.)

(Speaking of sucking flesh, one of our yoga teachers in Moscow, Vera, always yelled at us to ‘SUCK YOUR FLESH!!…her meaning was to flex our muscles as we held poses and, therefore, get rid of any flab wiggling about…needless to say, some of the places she was referring to – most, now that I think about it – no amount of ‘sucking of flesh’ was going to eliminate their wiggly-jigglyness, no matter how scary she was…and she was VERY scary.)

(Sorry to digress, but with all the sucking of flesh talk, I just had to share that memory with my fellow Rosinka yoga goers who were tortured alongside me in the Vera era. ; ) )

So, while I am not enjoying the side effects of a bulging disc, I am loving physio. It’s massage and nap time three times a week, whoopee! Pure heaven. Çok güzel.

(And the lower back pain is pretty much gone. Doctor says I’ll make a full recovery. Good news, but I will really miss my physio sessions.)

Another çok güzel item I am loving? Zoya’s new collar. Guaranteed to put a halt to pulling, jerking, or body-flying-in-air-after-big-furry-beast for good.

The collar is the Gentle Lead Head Halter.
(http://www.petexpertise.com/solve-dog-problems/pulling-on-leash/head-halters-to-deter-pulling.html if any of you have similar, ahem, issues with your dog.)

Putting it on Zoya’s had the same effect of Delilah cutting Samson’s hair: utter and divine powerlessness.

Now I am in charge.

I wonder if they make one for husbands?

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